About Me

Do you ever feel like stuff is just taking over your life? Like instead of packing up boxes to move, you should just throw everything into the burn pile and start again?

This is truly the story of my life. Follow me as I step down from being the Queen of Clutter and work to create meaningful life experiences (not to mention a cleaner house!) with my family.

Like what you see here? I enjoy writing so much that I use some of my time each day to write for other bloggers and businesses. If you’re interested in seeing if I can help you save valuable time as you build your business by setting up functional websites and creating engaging content for your readers, visit my Hire Me page. I’m a pretty handy social media guru, too!

Everything else you need to know about me can be summed up in about 10 titles:

Teacher. Mom. Ranch Wife (sorta). Christian. Pinterest Chef. Essential Oiler. Planner Junkie. Netflix Binger. Lifelong Learner. Dreamer. –>Not necessarily in any specific order.

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