Your Business Needs a Blog: How Any Business Can Attract Customers and Clients for Free

Running a small business can be difficult. At times, a business owner can feel like he or she is juggling eighteen things at once and probably could use an extra set of hands. Come to think of it, fostering a business is a lot like raising a baby. A very complicated, messy, intricate baby.

At some point, good entrepreneurs are going to ask themselves, “How can I get my business out in the world, allowing new people to discover all I have to offer.”

Well, business owner, if you do not yet have a blog, you’re doing it wrong.

Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

Blogging is an important, but often overlooked, component to a business’ marketing strategy.

The best thing about using blogging as a marketing component is it is essentially free. If your business already has a website, it is simple to create a blog feed there. If your business has not joined the World Wide Web (come on, man, it’s 2019), there is no better time like the present. Starting a simple website can be fairly inexpensive depending on your needs.

Another reason that blogging is important for your business is because it gives your company some humanity. By blogging, people get to know your voice, values, and character. A really good business blog can foster trust and understanding between customers and companies.

Finally, the most valuable reason why blogging is important for your business is because it helps your people find you. With a little SEO research and carefully planned keywords, internet users all over the world could stumble onto your website as they look for something related.

Here’s an example: A florist has a website for people to order her flowers. On her website, she also has a blog. Some of her blog posts showcase flowers she has done for special events. Others have simple tutorials for flower creations.

One afternoon, a super mom decides she wants to make corsages and boutonnieres for her son and his friends to take to the prom. She starts scouring the internet for ideas and instructions and happens upon the florist’s website. There are many different styles, and the instructions are easy to read with helpful pictures. The mom is so excited, she decides she’s going to order cut flowers from this awesome florist. She might even pick up an arrangement for herself as a pat on the back for being such an awesome mother!

Good blog content helps people find you even if they might not have been looking for you.

How to Write a Blog for Your Business

The most important thing to consider when writing a blog for your business is what your customer is searching for. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal consumers and ask yourself, “What are they typing into the Google Search bar right now?”

Do you specialize in craft beers? Maybe they’re searching “unique craft beers.”

Are you a whiz at taxes? Maybe they’re searching “small business tax consultant.”

One thing that can help with this is good SEO research (a post on this coming to my blog soon!). When you have some ideas of search terms, you can research the keywords to see how many people are using them and what other related things they may be searching for.

Still Unsure Whether Blogging is Right for Your Business?

It is! Trust me!

If you need more information or help starting your own blog, find me here and we can work together!

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