5 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

It’s March and the snow is still here. It seems that bitter cold and gray days just get everybody feeling down, so what can we do to show people around us that we care about them?

Here are five ideas for random acts of kindness you can perform in your community. Bonus points if you get your kids involved!

Random Act of Kindness 1: Ding Dong Ditching

Hear me out on this one! You may think of ding dong ditching as a scheme that neighborhood boys used to pass the time before handheld video games.

In order to turn this mischief into an act of kindness, sweeten up the game with a gift or treats. Put a few cookies on a plate, walk up to a neighbor’s door, ring the doorbell, and run away.

Bonus points if you can hide somewhere and be able to see the reaction on their face!

Random Act of Kindness 2: Buy a Cup of Coffee

This act of kindness gives me chills everytime I do it!

It’s easy. When you go to the coffee shop to get your morning latte, offer to buy for the person behind you. Often, this sparks a chain reaction and love is spread all over the place!

While this act of kindness is easy to accomplish, sometimes it takes a lot of courage. If you are feeling particularly introverted, buy a $5 gift card instead. Then, slip the gift card onto the windshield of a car or into a co-worker’s mailbox.

Random Act of Kindness 3: Send a Message

Disclaimer: This random act of kindness isn’t exactly random. But, it could totally change the day of the person on the receiving end.

Write a little note to someone you know is having a hard time. Maybe you noticed a coworker struggling with the copy machine. Maybe you saw a friend looking flustered and tired.

Handwritten notes are quickly becoming a thing of the past. I think this makes them even sweeter to receive.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, simply write something like “You are a beautiful person, and you got this!”

Place the note somewhere the person will see it—on their desk, taped to their door, or on the windshield of their car (as long as the weather is nice!).

Random Act of Kindness 4: Complete a Task

This random act of kindness can be a little more difficult to accomplish regularly. But if the circumstances are right, it could mean a lot to the recipient.

Find something that needs to be done and do it! Do you have a colleague struggling with her work? Figure out what you can do to lighten her load and get it done. Has your husband been working too late to get the rain gutters cleaned out? Girl, you are a strong independent woman! Google a how-to, get a ladder, and go to town.

Random Act of Kindness 5: Listen

This one is a no-brainer. It really shouldn’t even qualify as a random act of kindness. But, in the spirit of loving each other, I feel that it needs to be mentioned.

One of the biggest ways we can show that we love someone is by listening to them.

This is something I tend to struggle with. My husband calls me out on it all the time. He constantly has to remind me, “You are so worried about what you are going to say next that you don’t listen to the person talking to you.”

As harsh as that sounds, he’s absolutely right.

This is especially effective with people you don’t have conversations with every day. If my hairdresser is telling me about her cousin who is having a hard time, it will mean so much to her on my next visit when I ask, “Hey, how is your cousin doing?”

Simply listening to someone and showing them that you value their thoughts, opinions, and words can make them feel loved and appreciated.

What are your favorite ways to spread the love when winter is getting you down?

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