Organizing for the New Year

There is nothing worse than returning to my classroom after winter break and feeling like I got nothing done. This year I decided to set myself up for success and start 2019 with a somewhat-organized home.

Reduce Paper Clutter

I spent almost a whole day signing up for online accounts in order to pay all our bills. It has been common for my end tables to be covered in bills and statements, and I even had a pile of them on my bedroom floor that I had stashed before having visitors over one day. In our small house, we just don’t have a good place to put paper. Of course, I have a filing system for things when we’re done with them, but nothing for the few days that inevitably exist between getting the mail, paying the bill, and filing the statement.

I switched as many of my accounts as possible to paperless billing. I wrote them all down on my Google Calendar so that I would have an extra place to be able to remind me of upcoming deadlines since I no longer will have the mountains of paperwork to signal bill-paying day.

Truthfully, simply knowing that my mailbox wouldn’t be stuffed full of paper bills made me feel a little less stressed and weighed down. I actually am (almost) looking forward to paying bills this month knowing that it won’t be the paper clutter mess it usually is!

Make Bedrooms Easier to Navigate

Trying to get ready for school in the winter when it is dark and cold is difficult. Trying to get ready with a messy room and closet where we can’t find anything makes me think I probably should have just stayed in bed!

To get ready for back-to-school, we cleaned out closets and organized drawers. This helped me get ready to go back to school, but it also allowed my son to have a little more autonomy in getting himself ready. There aren’t pants two-sizes-too-small that I have to tell him he can’t wear anymore. And those awful shirts that are faded and have been over-worn? They’ve found new homes, and I can rest assured that he will make it to preschool looking nice (even if his colors don’t match!).

We ended up with five bags of clothes to donate. FIVE! I definitely will be a little more critical when I go to buy clothes from now on. As Marie Kondo likes to say, “Does this item bring me joy?”

Continuing On…

A few logistics kept me from being able to reorganize any more of the house prior to returning to school.

SO…I decided that I will be participating in the 2019 Home Organization Challenge hosted by A Bowl Full of Lemons. It feels a little daunting, but I am super excited to have an organized home.

Stay tuned, and I will share my progress with you!

What are you doing to get organized in 2019? I need all the ideas!

Photo by Pixabay

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