Vision Boards: A Love-Hate Relationship

Over the last couple of years, I have watched people post on social media about putting together vision boards to commemorate the new year and focus themselves on achieving their resolutions.

What a great idea! I am a very visual person, so an eye-catching reminder of my goals is exactly what I need to stay on track.

The problem with vision boards? Clutter.

The minimalist in me rejects these vision boards because you need to harbor clutter to create them and they can become clutter around the house.

I had a big bulletin board ready for my vision board, but as December 31st inched closer, I began to think, “Where in the heck am I going to put this thing?”

I don’t have a home office, and we don’t have enough wall space in this house as it is.

Plus, it is highly unlikely that a busy vision board will coordinate with the neat, minimalist theme I have going on in my house.

The more I thought about how to execute my vision board, the more I realized that I didn’t even have anything to make it out of.

People recommend cutting words and photographs out of old magazines. Come on—as a minimalist, old magazines are always the first things to be recycled when I begin to reclaim my living room. I don’t have stacks of them laying around for an art project.

Still, I wanted a vision board to remind me of all that I could achieve in 2019.

These two dilemmas led me to the decision that I would create a digital vision board.

How would I ensure that it was something I would see daily? I would put it as the background on my electronic devices so I was looking at it constantly.

This is exactly what I did. I used Canva to put together a collage of stock images and words that expressed my goals and dreams for 2019.

I started with my Word of 2019—flourish—and added goals from there.

I knew I had financial goals of being almost debt free this year. I had health goals of getting outdoors more for hiking and other physical adventures. I found images that represented the writing business I wanted to build and the closeness I wanted to foster in my marriage during 2019.

It didn’t require piles of magazines.

It didn’t require having somewhere to be able to hang a big poster.

Now, my vision board makes me smile every time I unlock my phone, and I have it with me wherever I go. What could be more inspiring than that?

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