Word of the Year 2019

Last year, I jumped on the bandwagon of picking a word for the upcoming year to help motivate me to get where I wanted to be.

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My word for 2018…ATTITUDE 💁🏼 I know, seems like a weird choice, but let me explain. 👉🏻In life, we rarely have control over what happens to us. Whether it be career, family, or personal, good things happen and bad things happen, and we don't get to pick and choose how events stack up. 👉🏻What we DO have control over, though, is how we respond to the curves life throws⚾️ our attitude about the changes happening around us. 🌼So for me? I'm choosing to approach 2018 with a positive attitude, and I will try to carry that through any changes the year may bring! Best wishes for a very happy New Year! 🎉2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣🎉 #newyear #newyearnewme #attitude #wordoftheyear #2018 #2018goals #wordof2018 #change #healthylifestyle #healthylife #healthyliving #momlife #momswholift #teachersofinstagram #momsofinstagram #teacherswholift #changeyourmindset #changeyourattitude

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For 2018, I chose the word attitude. I acknowledged on my Instagram that I understood that this may be a weird choice (as everyone else seemingly chooses words like success, intentional, and confidence). However, it was a word that worked for me. I felt that by choosing the word attitude, I could be reminded to make deliberate choices to approach everything, the good and the bad, with a positive attitude. It worked! My 2018 brought a lot of success, including graduating with my master’s degree. It also brought plumbing issues, the loss of a loved one, and potty-training woes. Through it all, I did my best to approach situations with positivity, and I think that I had a better year because of it.

To begin this year, I am working on launching my freelance writing business. It is a difficult feat to try and start a business with a full-time job and a toddler, but I am confident that I will see my business and my writing skills grow with hard work.

Grow doesn’t capture all I’d like 2019 to be. I like the term flourish. I look forward to flourishing as a writer and watching my business flourish to become a reputable source of writing for online publications. I am excited to see my family flourish as we achieve some financial goals. Finally, it will be thrilling to see my son flourish into a four-year-old and experience all the uncharted territory that comes along with that.

I encourage you to set your intentions for 2019 over the next couple of days. Find a word that will help you create a tone for your best year yet and put it on your vision board or post it somewhere you will see it often.

What word are you choosing this year?

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